Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)
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What Is iMerchant™?
iMerchant is an iPhone™ application which lets you accept credit cards using your iPhone or iPod™ touch.
How do I purchase iMerchant?
iMerchant is available through the Apple iTunes App Store and may be downloaded on your computer or through your iPhone or iPod touch.
Do I need it?
If you operate a business and you want to accept credit cards as payment then you need this application. iMerchant is designed for self-employed persons and businesses of all sizes including Sole Proprietorships, LLC's, Partnerships and Corporations.

iMerchant can be used by all types of businesses, including:
  • car detailers
  • handymen
  • food vendors
  • private tutors
  • street vendors
  • door-to-door sales
  • trade show exhibitors
  • festival merchants
  • massage therapists
  • locksmiths
  • mall kiosks
  • photographers
  • and more
Does iMerchant work with PayPal or
iMerchant Pro works with existing and iTransact merchant accounts. PayPal support is planned for the near future.

Need a merchant account or already have a merchant account? We can help you get a new merchant account or determine if iMerchant is compatible with your existing account in just a few minutes, call us at 877-234-5657 or 561-847-3399 to speak with a merchant account specialist.
Can you help me get a merchant account?
Please visit our merchant account page for more information.
Which website shopping carts can I use with my new merchant account?
Refer to this page for a list of compatible shopping carts.
Do you support a credit card swiper?
We expect our credit card reader/swiper to be available in July.
Visit our dedicated iPhone Credit Card Reader page for more information.
How do I use an AdHoc or Beta version?
Beta versions and evaluation versions of upcoming releases are sometimes made available. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester please contact us. If invited to become a beta tester you may need to provide your iPhone UDID.
I am an iPhone application developer. Can I accept credit card payments in my iPhone application using iMerchant™?
We have an extremely simple API that you can use to accept a credit card payment from within your application. Contact [@"integrate" stringByAppendingString:@""] for more information!
Have a question and don't see the answer?
Just give us a quick phone call at 877-234-5657, or email and we'll be happy to answer any question you have.

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