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iMerchant™ Pro - Credit Card POS Terminal
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Process credit card Sales, Refunds and Voids using iMerchant, your iPhone Credit Card Terminal:
  • Open a New Merchant Account, or keep your existing account.
  • Works with the new iPad™, original iPhone™, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod™ touch.
  • Five Second Approvals and Customer Funds Capture (auto batch)
  • Full Transaction Log and Approval History
  • Color Charts
  • Install on up to FIVE phones at no additional cost.
  • iMerchant™ Pro is FREE with a New Merchant Account
  • Compare us to the competition.

Easy to Use

iMerchant turns your iPhone into a virtual credit card terminal:
  • Help text is provided for each field
  • Required fields are clearly indicated
  • Single screen data entry for customer details
  • Concise validation and error messages
  • Attractive user interface with large fonts and professional graphics
  • Start a New Sale when launching the app (menu setting)

Feature Packed

iMerchant handles most common credit card operations. iMerchant includes features that you might not expect:
  • Audio feedback, including cash register sounds
  • Quick Sale feature starts program ready to take a card
  • Passwords can be 4-12 letters or numbers, you can turn them off too
  • Pie charts
  • More features are already in the queue waiting for Apple to approve them

A Secure iPhone Credit Card Terminal

iMerchant will let you enter a transaction using just the amount to charge, credit card number and expiration date. However, you can also enter the card CVV number and billing address details for extended customer validation and possibly lower discount rates.

iMerchant uses industry standard SSL security to communicate with your credit card processor over the wireless network (WiFi, 3G, EDGE). Credit card information is NEVER stored on the device.

iMerchant has its own password protection feature. The password protection feature is in addition to your own iPhone or iPod touch device passcode.

iPhone Credit Card Reader and Swipe Accessory

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"Anyone looking for a credit card terminal app should give iMerchant Pro some serious consideration."

Only 99 Cents - in the iTunes App Store Now!
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