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Turn your iPhone™ into a complete Point of Sale solution with Ring It Up™ and iMerchant™

“Ring It Up is a portable point of sale application for the entrepreneur on the go. Whether you are at a trade show, flea market, swap meet, photo shoot, or a craft fair, Ring It Up makes the job of tracking sales and expenses a snap.”

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Working With Us is a company that values hard work, open communication and fair business practice. Our growth comes from partnerships with carefully selected resellers, vendors and partners who share these values. To discuss partnership opportunities please speak with either Cliff or Paul at 561-847-3399×118.

Source Code Licensing

Our PCI PA-DSS compliant credit card processing library is available for licensing. For more information please speak with Cliff at 561-847-3399×118.

Gateway Reseller Opportunity Reseller Signup

Are you a merchant account ISO or processor? Are you a developer of POS solutions or credit card terminals for the iPhone? If so, offer your customers the ability to accept credit cards using their iPhone or iPod touch using our gateway. Our gateway is PCI compliant, offers compatibility, virtual terminal and Quickbooks export (among many other features).

Our gateway also lets you use the encrypted credit card reader so you can offer a card swipe solution to your merchants and software customers. Keep your merchant account and software sales while making money reselling our gateway with industry buy rates lower than the competition. Contact Cliff at 561-847-3399×118 to discuss reseller opportunities or complete our Reseller Signup form to become a PhoneTransact reseller.

Link to Us for $50 iTunes Gift Card

Link to our website from your own public website and send us the link. We’ll send you a coupon code for a $50 iTunes Gift Card.

Use this link text: <A HREF=””>iPhone Credit Card Reader</A>

Some limitations apply: only one gift card per domain; link must be visible using a standard web browser; the link must remain visible for 30 days; you must purchase cool apps and music with the gift card!

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