Does Your Credit Card Reader Work With the OtterBox Case?

YES! But, you will need to purchase a dock extender. We recommend purchasing a dock extender through Amazon here: RadTech Dock Extender

The OtterBox is a heavy duty case which protects your iPhone from damage. However, it can be difficult to use dock accessories (such as our credit card reader) while the OtterBox is on your iPhone. Simply use the RadTech Dock Extender and you can swipe cards all while leaving your Otterbox on your iPhone!

What Is PhoneTransact POS™?

PhoneTransact POS is an smartphone application which lets you accept credit cards using your iPhone, iPod™ touch or iPad. When you open a new account with us you can even accept credit cards on your website or in your retail storefront.

How Soon Can I Take Credit Cards?

You can usually start hand keying credit cards the same day that you speak to us. We have credit card readers in stock and as soon as your account is approved you will receive a coupon to order a free card reader from our site.

How do your prices compare to other companies?

Our pricing is better than our competitors IF you process more than $1,000/month in credit card sales. However, if you process less than $1,000.00/month in credit card sales then you may want to consider a no monthly fee solution from another provider. Our solution is designed for businesses that need some or all of these features:

- A very low discount rate. Our rates start at 1.49% + 24cents/transaction,
- A real merchant account with no limits on how much you can charge,
- An account that lets you accept medical FSA and HSA credit and debit cards (if you are a health care professional),
- A solution that works with online shopping carts, and a brick & mortar store (if you have one),
- A real telephone number you can call for support from a human being,
- A merchant account provided by a company with over 17 years experience in the industry.

We invite you to complete the information request form on the side of the page and a representative will contact you to help you get started or answer any questions you have.

I am a Medical Professional, can I take FSA and HSA cards?

Yes, using our software and merchant account you have the ability to accept HSA and FSA Flexible Spending Account credit and debit cards. Only a real merchant account is permitted to accept these forms of payment. We will make sure that your merchant account can accept HSA and FSA cards by properly setting your MCC or Merchant Category Code. The MCC can only be configured when using a real merchant account, such as the kind we offer. Make sure that your patients are able to pay using their FSA and HSA cards to keep your clients happy and make sure that you are paid promptly.

Does this work in Canada?

YES. Our software works in Canada. In fact, our software will work anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

For Canadian merchant account pricing please complete the contact form to the right and we will have our Canadian merchant account team contact you.

Do You Support Android?

Yes! We support Android phones and tablets with the same low prices and all of the features of our iPhone application. Please contact us or visit our Android Credit Card Processing page for more information.

Android support is valid for NEW accounts only. We are working on an Android solution for existing accounts.

Do you have any videos or training material?

We have made a number of videos available on our YouTube video channel (link will open in new window).

How do I Write a Review of your Product?

Thanks for asking! We hope that you enjoy using our product and that you are happy with our service. To leave a review first visit the direct link to our application “Credit Card Reader“. Below the red application icon is a “View in iTunes” link. Click the View in iTunes link to open iTunes (reviews must be written from within iTunes). After iTunes opens, look below the application screenshots for a link to Write a Review. If you have any concerns or questions that are better addressed through direct support then please visit our contact us page for support.

How does your credit card reader compare to others?

Our Credit Card Reader for the iPhone attaches to the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad dock connector. Our reader is a dedicated device that has undergone Apple certification and is designed to pair perfectly with your iPhone or iPod touch. Other solutions rely on the headphone jack which is an insecure solution and exposes you to risk.

I just got my credit card swiper, what next?

First, thanks for ordering our iPhone credit card reader. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the lightweight rugged design and the seamless integration with PhoneTransact POS!

To use the encrypted credit card reader you will need a compatible gateway. We offer great plans on our gateways and if you need a merchant account we can help you with that too. Simply fill out the form at the top of the page and a representative will contact you to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

You will also need to download the Credit Card Reader app from the iTunes App Store.

Have a question and don’t see the answer?

Just give us a quick phone call at 877-234-5657, or email and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have.

I am an iPhone application developer. Can I accept credit card payments in my iPhone application using PhoneTransact™ POS?

We have an extremely simple API that you can use to accept a credit card payment from within your application. Contact for more information!

How do I use an AdHoc or Beta version?

Beta versions and evaluation versions of upcoming releases are sometimes made available. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester please contact us. If invited to become a beta tester you may need to provide your iPhone UDID.

Do you support a credit card swiper?

Yes, we support multiple credit card readers from multiple manufacturers so you can choose the best device for your business. We can also help you choose the best device if you’re not sure. Our iPhone credit card readers work with, NMI, and iTransact gateways to name a few. Visit our dedicated iPhone credit card reader page for more information.

Which website shopping carts can I use with my new merchant account?

Refer to this page for a list of compatible shopping carts.

Can you help me get a merchant account?

Please visit our merchant account page for more information or fill out the form to the right and we’ll contact you within one business day (usually same day).

Does PhoneTransact work with my Merchant Account?

PhoneTransact POS can work with virtually any US or Canadian merchant account. However, you will need a “gateway” to connect the app to your merchant account. PhoneTransact POS currently supports these gateways: (and emulators), NMI and iTransact.

If you have a merchant account and need a gateway then complete this form and we’ll get you signed up within a day: PhoneTransact POS Gateway Signup Form. As a bonus, our gateway can be used for your online store and supports Quickbooks export!

Do I need it?

If you operate a business and you want to accept credit cards as payment then you need this application. PhoneTransact POS is designed for self-employed persons and businesses of all sizes including Sole ProprietorshipsLLC’s,Partnerships and Corporations.

PhoneTransact POS can be used by all types of businesses, including:

  • car detailers
  • handymen
  • food vendors
  • private tutors
  • street vendors
  • door-to-door sales
  • trade show exhibitors
  • festival merchants
  • massage therapists
  • locksmiths
  • mall kiosks
  • photographers
  • and more

How do I download PhoneTransact POS?

You can find the PhoneTransact POS application in the iTunes App Store under our keyword Credit Card Reader. PhoneTransact POS is the application with the red credit card.