Credit Card Reader 5.0 Released!

This new version supports both the iPad and iPhone using high resolution retina graphics. Credit Card Reader is fully compatible with NMI, and iTransact. The update is available now in the App Store and is free to existing customers. New customers may purchase the Universal Credit Card Reader app in the App Store

On Stage Applause for our App!

We are pleased to announce that the PhoneTransact POS app was demonstrated at the 2012 Market America World Conference on stage in front of approximately 30,000 people to roaring applause.

View the on-stage presentation of our app: 

Click Here our app is demoed at 14 minutes into the presentation.

Our App and card reader work with iTransact and Market America accounts. Visit iTransact for specific details about this presentation and the offer discussed at the show.

Android Credit Card Processing Solution

We are pleased to announce that we have an Android credit card processing solution and POS application for our merchants using Android devices. Our solution is compatible with our Bluetooth printer and swiper. For more information please see our Android Credit Card Terminal App page.

iPad Credit Card Reader Now Shipping!

We are pleased to announce support and immediate availability for the ID-Tech iMag Pro Credit Card Reader. The credit card reader is a forward looking design that works with all existing iOS devices and should work with all future iOS devices that use the 30 pin dock connector.

We are pleased to offer this product to our customers!

For more info please visit:

Verizon iPhone Credit Card Reader

Verizon customers: we are ready to help you take credit cards on your new Verizon iPhone! Contact us today and you’ll be ready to take credit cards the day you get your new iPhone!

YouTube Videos

Watch overview videos and tutorials on the PhoneTransact YouTube video channel (link will open in a new window).

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find

Reviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine

Thanks to PC World contributor Zack Stern for his review of iMerchant Credit Card Reader appearing in Entrepreneur Magazine:

“…You can’t launch this iPhone app without entering your personal password — a simple, thoughtful security precaution.

Security is solid elsewhere, too. The hardware encrypts the card data before passing it to your phone, so the information stays safe…”

Read the full article here. Gateway Reseller Program is pleased to announce the availability of our gateway reseller program. Our reseller program allows ISOs and merchant account providers to offer their merchants an easy and convenient way to process credit cards via their iPhones, iPods and iPads. Our reseller program offers extremely low gateway buy rates so that you may offer your customers competitive pricing on gateway services and on our credit card reader device.

To signup visit the Gateway Reseller Signup or for more information contact Partner & Reseller Sales at 877-234-5657 ext. 118.

Secure iPhone Credit Card Swiper! is pleased to announce the availability of our secure iPhone Credit Card Swiper. Our credit card reader has been designed for security, durability and ease of use in the field.

The iMerchant Pro credit card reader supports 3DES end-to-end encryption of the card number. Each credit card swipe also contains a magnetic fingerprint to confirm that the card is valid. Our credit card reader is built of ruggedized materials and attaches securely to the iPhone and iPod dock connector, leaving your headphone jack free!

Encrypted iPhone Credit Card Reader

The iMerchant Pro credit card reader works with any existing merchant account including Elavon, NOVA, Beanstream, Merchant Warehouse, Moneris and more (a compatible gateway account is required, see the site for details!).

The iMerchant Pro credit card reader is available for order now and will ship August 12th. See the iPhone Credit Card Reader page for more information!

CNN: iPhone Credit Card Swipe War Heats Up

PhoneTransact POS is given mention by CNN Money, yeah! But they didn’t know about our own swiper when this article was published.

See us mentioned in “The Battlefield”
Read about the iPhone Credit Card Swiper

Introduction of PhoneTransact Noted in Davis County Clipper

In its “On the Move” section, the Davis County Clipper announces the introduction of the iPhone application built by PhoneTransact that allows a mobile phone to be used as a card terminal.

The article quotes: “The application essentially turns a business owner’s iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal. This will give them the ability to accept credit card transactions anywhere in the world.”

Read the article: Davis County Clipper Evaluates PhoneTransact

PhoneTransact POS is reviewed by and comes out on top. From the article:

Anyone looking for a credit card terminal app should give [it] some serious consideration.

Read the full review:

Cards & Payments Cover Story Features PhoneTransact POS

The cover story for the September 2009 issue of Cards & Payments magazine highlights PhoneTransact POS and its iPhone application that turns a mobile phone into a credit card terminal.

The article, “Smartphone Payment Apps: Are Developers Making the Right Call?” profiles the success, features, and benefits of iMerchant Pro. Writer Nadia Oehlsen quotes iTransact’s Troy Burningham:

“The main draw of such applications for small-business owners is the security of authorizing card transactions and receiving approval before they release merchandise to customers, according to Burningham. ‘They like the security of knowing when they drop off merchandise they don’t have to rush back to their homes or stores and hope that the credit card goes through.’”

Read the full story: iMerchant Pro Cover Story