Market America & iTransact Merchants
iPhone & iPad Credit Card Reader Special Offer

Market America and iTransact account holders can use our credit card processing app on your iPhone, iPod or your iPad. A credit card reader is also available. Read about and purchase our app below. You may also purchase a credit card reader to work with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Includes free shipping and setup for Market America and iTransact merchants:

Get the App for 99 cents!

The PhoneTransact POS software lets you charge credit cards using just your iPhone, perform voids, refunds, etc. PhoneTransact lets you collect customer signatures and generate beautiful receipts to send to your customer or keep for your records. No bulky credit card terminal required. And, using our credit card reader you can capture customers credit card information quickly and easily.

Only 99 cents in the App Store!

Get the Credit Card Reader (optional)

Our credit card reader is built of rugged material and designed for heavy duty use in the field. Our credit card reader will have you swiping and selling with your iOS device and your Market America merchant account.

Your purchase of the Credit Card Reader includes FREE personalized setup by a telephone representative. Shipping and tax may be additional. Please note: your reader must be obtained through or registered with for security and compatibility with the Credit Card Reader App.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Universal Model – $99.95

Call Us to Help You Get Started!

Simply call us at 877-234-5657×119 after you receive your credit card reader and the PhoneTransact POS software. We will walk you through the setup and configuration of the software and hardware. You may also call us at this number with any questions you might have.

Thanks and we look forward to helping you use this fantastic solution together with your Market America and iTransact merchant accounts.

877-234-5657 (Support)

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